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June 18, 2012


Spruce’s easy to use dashboards and graphing minimize the need for managing data sets in Excel. The flexible interface allows you to “Group by” and “Filter by” any Facebook parameter making it easy to analyze dimensions by category or at the campaign level. Spruce refreshes Facebook data at 15 minute frequency intervals allowing for immediate analysis and actionable data.

-Easy analysis of your page post data for more efficient sponsored story selection
-Real time media buying and analysis – data is updated every 15 minutes and aggregated hourly
-Roll up campaigns and view performance by any targeting, creative, or Facebook parameter.
-Multiple pixel support- use up to 5 pixels to measure path to conversion values.
-Set custom filters and export data to Excel.

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June 18, 2012


Spend less time managing campaigns and more time profiting from them with our fully automated bid and budget campaign management. Change status, budgets, and bids with automated rules and optimize to your CPA, CPC, CPM, & Cost Per Like goals with our “Bid to Target” technology. Set email alerts to allow you to be notified when certain thresholds are hit.

-Fully automated bid and budget management with “Bid to Target” technology
-Advertiser level pacing and budgeting
-Advanced scheduling and dayparting capabilities
-Easily identify and “clone” winners to continue to iterate and refresh targeting and creative.

Ad Creation
June 18, 2012

Ad Creation

Spruce offers an easy to use, yet powerful ad creation process that replaces the need for spreadsheet based bulk uploading. Simple bulk ad creation with multi-variant testing allows you to seamlessly develop thousands of ads with creative and targeting variations. We offer structured testing with assurance of a statistically significant test as well as a comparative analysis tool that allows you to easily identify and build off of the winners.

-Simple bulk ad creation with multi-variant testing
-Easy comparative analysis through “Test and Learn” workflow
-Hyper targeting at scale with “Dynamic Ads”
-Build and save custom targeting lists

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June 18, 2012

Integration and Setup

Spruce’s integration team will ensure the platform is structured in a way to meet your business needs. We support multiple-clients, multiple media buying teams, and multiple users. In addition we offer fully customizable roles and permissions to allow for collaboration across your organization. We can also setup and support 3rd party data and conversion feeds.

-Multi-Client (Agency Support)
-Multi-User, Multi-Team Interface
-Customizable Roles and Permissioning
-Advanced Tracking Platform with 3rd party conversion and data feed support

“Spruce Media’s strategic approach to audience design and media optimization has allowed us to quickly find new fans for Sealy on Facebook incredibly efficiently. The Spruce Media team is one of our best ad partners, they consistently deliver high quality new users while making recommendations to improve creative, messaging and metrics. Using the Spruce Media platform we nearly doubled our fan base and reduced our average cost per fan by 25%” Tom Donovan, Digital Manager Haworth Media

“Spruce Media is one of our best ad partners, consistently delivering high quality new users while making recommendations to improve metrics.”