November 14, 2013

Optimize Mobile App Ads with Spruce Media’s Technology

“About 70 percent of apps out there are free, so when an install occurs there’s no transaction value for the app developer or brand,” notes Andrew McDermott, VP of product at Spruce Media. “So optimizing to a $1 per install target doesn’t make sense. Instead, they should optimize to a $30 per purchase target, or some other measure, therefore increasing the efficiency of the campaign. Today, this is impossible to do in real time on Facebook without a solution like ours.”


October 10, 2013

Facebook Puts Marketing Objectives at the Center of Ad Buying and Reporting

Rob Jewell of Spruce Media, authors of a quarterly State of Facebook Advertising Report, tells ClickZ, “As you can see, the list of marketing objectives available to marketers on Facebook is pretty comprehensive. I expect this will catch the eyes of two types of marketers: those who have wanted to do some of these objectives on Facebook but didn’t know how, and those who didn’t realize that Facebook was a good platform for those objectives.”


September 17, 2013

PRESS RELEASE: Spruce Media Announces Post-Install, Mobile App ROI Optimization Technology

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – September 17, 2013) – Spruce Media, Inc., a provider of enterprise-class marketing solutions for Facebook, and a Facebook strategic Preferred Marketing Developer (sPMD), today announced a true, real-time return-on-ad-spend optimization solution for mobile app install ads on Facebook.

Spruce Media’s solution will allow their managed services and licensed services clients to run mobile app install ads on Facebook and, in real-time, automatically optimize bids and allocation of budgets based on how each creative and target audience is performing against actual revenue measurement, rather than just a cost per install.

Over 40% of Spruce Media’s business through Facebook is on mobile. Spruce Media intends its Mobile App ROI solution to push even further in that direction, reaching closer to 50% by the end of the year. This growth follows very closely with the success that Facebook has had with mobile and the direction of the ever-evolving advertising landscape.

“By partnering with the best of breed analytics companies like Apsalar, AD-X (Part of Criteo), Adeven and Kochava, we are able to architect an integration that requires absolutely no dev work from the application developers. A developer could literally send us an email today and be live tomorrow, optimizing to purchase events, not installs, without talking to their engineers. That’s the type of technology that we love to bring to the market,” said Andrew R. McDermott, Vice President of Product, Spruce Media.

Today, most mobile marketers are using at least two disparate systems, exporting data to Excel, running lookups and pivots, and then returning to one system to make manual optimization changes. This measurement solution bridges the gap for marketers who are struggling to scale their ad spend and drive profitable mobile app installs, also making it a more sustainable and scalable media channel for many mobile application developers.
Spruce Media’s analytics partners service iOS and Android application developers globally, offering analytics solutions that are must-haves for companies like GREE, Hipmunk, Supercell and Warner Brothers, among others. These companies will now have a turnkey solution via Spruce Media to start optimizing their Facebook mobile advertising revenue, in real-time and not just on a cost per install basis. Spruce aims to offer this turnkey product to clients of all leading mobile analytics platforms. Clients of AD-X, Adeven, Apsalar and Kochava will have immediate access and developers working with other analytics providers may submit a request via sales@sprucemedia.com.

“We are very excited to add support for Spruce Media to the Kochava Attribution Analytics platform. Our collective customers can leverage the new integration to work with the real-time, actionable Spruce Media Buying Platform, allowing clients to buy more intelligently and increase their return on ad spend from Facebook, just like they can with us on all other mobile advertising channels,” said Charles F. Manning, CEO, Kochava.

About Spruce Media:
Spruce Media is a leading provider of enterprise-class social marketing technology for the most successful advertisers, agencies, and trading desks on Facebook and is one of 14 Facebook strategic Preferred Marketing Developers. With over 400 billion impressions managed through its software, Spruce is the technology and service of choice for many of the largest advertisers on Facebook. For more information visit: www.sprucemedia.com.
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July 30, 2013

UK: Understanding the Limitations of Ad Targeting

…Rob Jewell, chief executive of social marketing software company Spruce Media, says: “Facebook is the first channel where true identity-buying is possible, since users are inputting actual data about themselves, and the ads are served to logged-in users. It offers reach and scale plus identity-buying, which is really the perfect competition to TV advertising.”


July 29, 2013

Facebook’s Mobile Ad Products on Fire: Jewell

Rob Jewell, founder & CEO at Spruce Media, examines the growth in Facebook’s mobile advertising revenue and what we can expect going forward. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”


“Spruce Media’s strategic approach to audience design and media optimization has allowed us to quickly find new fans for Sealy on Facebook incredibly efficiently. The Spruce Media team is one of our best ad partners, they consistently deliver high quality new users while making recommendations to improve creative, messaging and metrics. Using the Spruce Media platform we nearly doubled our fan base and reduced our average cost per fan by 25%” Tom Donovan, Digital Manager Haworth Media

“Spruce Media is one of our best ad partners, consistently delivering high quality new users while making recommendations to improve metrics.”