Working for Spruce Media

When diversity of talent combines with a tight focus, great things tend to happen, and we’re always on the lookout for new additions to our team. Here is a bit more about what it’s like to work at Spruce Media…

We have a mission:

We exist to help advertisers thrive on Facebook Ads.

We firmly believe that the future of the advertising will be changed by Facebook and social ads. By helping advertisers grow and learn about social advertising we’re doing our part in building a better advertising experience.

We’re diverse, creative, and nimble:

Our team reflects our commitment to creative execution.

In our office you’ll find a former toy developer, a test-and-learn analytics expert, a notorious app developer, and the guy who founded And in addition to our core team in San Francisco, we have a wide network of remoties who cover a 24×7 work cycle. This makes us small, creative, and nimble—three necessary traits for any company adapting to a rapidly changing industry.

We’re friendly:

It sounds a bit silly to say, but yes, we’re friendly.

We say hello in the kitchen, we grab drinks, etc. but more than that we respect one another’s work and watch out for one another. This goes a long way in forging a welcoming work environment and ensuring that we are all putting in our best effort.

We’re sexy:

You know we’re (in a) hot (industry).

Facebook is growing like a weed and we’re right in the middle of all the action. At Spruce, you’ll get an inside edge on the social media and advertising industries.

We’re involved:

We like to mix it up a bit.

As such, you’ll regularly find us at Developer Garages, technology conferences, advertising conferences and local media and tech events in SF. We think what we’re working on is pretty cool, and we therefore like sharing it with others around us.

Spruce is hiring!

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Interested in other opportunities?

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“Spruce Media’s strategic approach to audience design and media optimization has allowed us to quickly find new fans for Sealy on Facebook incredibly efficiently. The Spruce Media team is one of our best ad partners, they consistently deliver high quality new users while making recommendations to improve creative, messaging and metrics. Using the Spruce Media platform we nearly doubled our fan base and reduced our average cost per fan by 25%” Tom Donovan, Digital Manager Haworth Media

“Spruce Media is one of our best ad partners, consistently delivering high quality new users while making recommendations to improve metrics.”