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We are passionate about building technology to help advertisers and agencies succeed on Facebook

We are a team of product designers, developers, media buyers and advertising industry experts who have a passion for building technology to help advertisers succeed on Facebook Ads. We believe that the future of the advertising will be changed by Facebook and social ads.
By helping advertisers grow and learn about social advertising we’re doing our part in building a better advertising experience.

“Spruce Media’s strategic approach to audience design and media optimization has allowed us to quickly find new fans for Sealy on Facebook incredibly efficiently. The Spruce Media team is one of our best ad partners, they consistently deliver high quality new users while making recommendations to improve creative, messaging and metrics. Using the Spruce Media platform we nearly doubled our fan base and reduced our average cost per fan by 25%” Tom Donovan, Digital Manager Haworth Media

“Spruce Media is one of our best ad partners, consistently delivering high quality new users while making recommendations to improve metrics.”